Making the case for athlete influence

Sportinfluencers creates a world of possibilities. We open up a channel for your brand to connect with consumers more directly, more organically and at scale. Sportinfluencers presents a glaring opportunity to leverage the power of word-of-mouth massively through the social media channels of our athletes that consumers already follow and admire.

For Brands

Sportinfluencers is the portal to micro and middle influencers in sport. To power your brand stories and boost your campaigns, we teamed up with an unparalleled network of athletes and teams, which jointly reach over 2.8M consumers. Traditional advertisement methods are becoming less effective. This is where our athletes come in. With social media, athletes can go over-the-top to give fans exactly what they want, bite-sized, authentic content from multiple sources in real time.

For Athletes

Fans want access to your life beyond the game and brands want to be part of it and are extending their budgets to access your social media influence. We help you to monetise on your reach. How does it work? You download the Brandme app, link your social media accounts and after your approval, we list you as one of the influencers who are available for social advertisement. We negotiate commercial deals and provide brands with a selection of athletes that fit their campaigns. You can accept or decline campaign offers, depending on your image, interest and/or contractual restrictions in which we can advise.

Our Services

Sportinfluencers is creating new connection points for you to build awareness and showcase your product in a planned and targeted manner. We promise a heightened effect of your advertisement, promotional effectiveness and PR value and provide data and insights about your target market and your advertising performance.

Strategy development

Starting with your brand goals and objectives, we develop the best online strategy that enriches your marketing efforts. The association with our influencers will differentiate and demonstrate your rand in action to a captive audience.

Match making

To ensure impact, we match your brand with the right athletes and make them your brand ambassadors. Through a natural fit and bespoke content your brand message is communicated to passionate followers.

Content creation

We support our athletes in creating unique and authentic content for your brand. Content that can easily can be activated through your own online and offline channels.

A glimpse of some of our influencers

These are just a sample of the micro and middle influencers in our database. We offer you an extensive network of leading social influencers in a broad variety of sport, which jointly reach over 2.8 million consumers. Our tooling not only validates the value of our athletes, it also is the search engine that allows us to find the best fit for your brand and generate the awareness and action that you are looking for. We guide our influencers, support their growth and in a profound way bring your brand message continuously under the attention of an engaged fanbase.


Because of the loyalty of their audience, our influencers have the ability to flat-out sell your product through their recommendation or story about their experience. And in return our athletes are getting their’s money’s worth. Thats why we started Sportinfluencers. We figured that athletes deserve to monetise on their impact, in the short window of their professional sports career. And in the meanwhile getting them on your side before your competitor does, can make a huge difference in the success of your company. A true win-win.


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